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About Hemp


(Seed) What is Hemp?

  • Hemp is the cannabis sativa plant
    • But it’s not psychoactive
  • One of the fastest growing crop with over 25,000 industrial uses
    • Yields four times more sustainable pulp as timber and requires no pesticides
  • Hemp has been used by different cultures since 8000 BC
    • The US declaration of independence was drafted on hemp paper 



(Plant) Reversing the Stigma

  • Hemp was banned in America after World War 2
    • Hemp cultivation becomes illegal in the US
  • It was classified by the US Government as a Schedule 1 narcotic
    • Industrial Hemp contains negligible traces of THC, the active mental stimulating ingredient in its relative plant Marijuana
  • Hemp is now returning to the US
    • Hemp is being progressively legalized in the States to research its commercial applications




(Fiber) Product Sustainability

  • Hemp fiber is stronger and lasts longer than almost any other natural fiber
    • Hemp is more durable, insulating, absorbent, breathable, heat-resistant, UV-resistant and antibacterial than cotton
  • Modern technological developments allow for a variety of new blends
    • Advancements in closed-loop systems and new methodologies for degumming hemp
  • Hemp is one of the best natural source for sustainable fabric
    • Breaking hemp down to its cellulose form and regenerating new fibers




(Shirt) Product Description

  • We specialize in developing and sourcing unique hemp products
    • We design, develop and manufacture with viscose hemp
  • Produced with certified manufacturers and sources
    • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OEKO-TEX 100 test system
  • Printwear constructed to compete with wholesale cotton best-sellers
    • High quality alternatives to leading Gildan and Next Level products




(Stay Sustained Logo) Impact

  • Helping hemp farmers by creating awareness and demand
    • Marketing hemp fabrics into a cotton dominated society
  • Reducing our ecological footprint
    • Promoting the benefits of hemp over cotton
  • Changing the very fabric of reality
    • Creating a new standard